Programs We Support

Bonita Springs Assistance Office

BSAO At the Bonita Springs Assistance Office we believe in providing a “hand up” not a “hand out.” We extend the helping hand of assistance, while enabling clients to retain their dignity. We show clients who are able to work how to locate jobs and become productive members of the community. We specialize in working with elderly residents and families with young children.

Our mission is to provide temporary assistance to residents of Bonita Springs who have been affected by an unexpected crisis. Our goal is to foster independence and self reliance through education and by bridging the financial needs of the recipient.

For over thirty years, the Bonita Springs Assistance Office has served as a primary social service agency in Bonita Springs, Florida. We are proud of the fact that we have helped thousands of area residents at a time of crisis.

The objectives of our organization are to:

  • Provide emergency relief for Bonita Springs residents to lessen the impact of financial and personal crises.
  • To help others recognize their own capacity to help themselves.
  • To cooperate with all agencies interested in various phases of social work in the Bonita Springs area.