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Common Queries and Questions

Below we hope you find answers to your questions. Based on Common Queries and Questions we have put together
a collection. Please see if this answers your concerns.


  • I wish to donate some eyeglasses where can I bring them ? +

    You can simply bring them into our Thrift Store during hours. Find out More
  • How can I submit questions and suggestions about the Web site? +

    We welcome any and all ideas suggestions thoughts from you. Please feel free to contact us or use one of our forms to send us a note.
  • What is RSS? +

    An rss is basically a feed. So our blogs go out as a feed, than any number of available services and methods can pick up this feed and display them. for example if you go to our feed you will see a demo of a feed as well as an
  • I wish to make a donation to the club, how do I do this? +

    Donations can be accepted right here online , or feel free to write a check made payable to Bonita Springs Lions Charities and mail to our Office address.
    You are also welcome to come to our Lions Center in person if you like. We would love an opportunity to thank you
  • I have a few things to donate to the Thrift Store However they are large. Can you come and pick them up ? +

    Certainly. We have a truck that does pickups.Please call the thrift store to make arrangements. 1-239-992-6665
  • Are non members allowed to be at a club meeting? +

    Yes all are welcome. In fact we encourage it.Our meetings are the 1st & 3rd Monday evenings of each month during season. Please let us know you are coming.
  • I have my own small business. I am interested in selling my product at one of your markets. How does this work ? +

    You are talking about our Saturday Market or our Wednesday Farm Fresh Market. Only organic items may be at our Wednesday market. However all are welcome to apply for our Saturday market. How it works is, you submit your information using our online form. Our market directors will review your
  • I think what you do is great, How do I become a Lion ? +

    Very simple. Simply download our Member application. Fill it out and bring it down to the Lions Center so we can meet you. At that time, one of the members if you don`t already personally know one will be a sponsor for you. Also look through the Brochure.
  • We have an organization that helps people too. However we are looking for assistance. If we wanted to apply for grant from the Bonita Lions Club how does that work? +

    Grants are awarded after the Board of Directors reviews each case. In order to be considered you will need to submit a grant application.
    The grant committee will review and pass it on to the board.
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