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We are currently making our Lions Center available to the community for daily rentals on a first come first serve basis. The rental period is for one day and is limited to 9:00am - 9:oopm including decoration time and clean up. Renters are welcome to come in a few hours prior to the event and decorate the space as they wish. Tables and chairs are available if needed. We have approximately 14 6 foot Round tables and 17 8 foot Rectangle. Along with over 180 chairs. Our industrial kitchen is not included with the rental nor is it available at all. However, you are permitted to use ice from our machine within the kitchen. The room can accommodate about 250 people.

Inquire about Your Event Date

Renters are responsible for cleaning and returning the center to condition it was presented to you.

Effective November  2024
Week Day Basic Rate  $500.00 Week Day Basic Rate $600.00
Weekend Basic Rate  $600.00 Weekend Basic Rate $700.00
Refundable Secuirty Deposit $100.00 Refundable Secuirty Deposit $100.00
Addional Time  $100.00 per 2 hours Addional Time  $100.00 per 2 hours

If you are interested in inquiring about the availability, use our online form.
Have a look at our FaceBook Page for setup and Decoration Ideas.

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